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Saturday, November 18, 2006, this.text) syntax error

I was playing with jQuery and its jQuery Form plugin.
Everythig went fine and i got AHAH calculator working until i tried to test IE...
And yes, it didn't work...Each time a got unknown error.
So I took a debugger and started fixing...
Eventually I found the place causing error

call.apply(window, this.text);

which is to evaluate scripts from received HTML response.
But what actually caused the error was that each script was commented out like:

<script type="text/javascript">
alert('Im commented')

and MS IE eval function implementation isn't capable evaluating that.

eval("<!-- alert('Im commented') -->"); /** Causes Syntax error in IE (6 tested)*/


eval("alert('Im commented')"); /** Works fine*/

Yeah, that worth to know...

Seems that Firefox behaves badly as well evaluating commented javascript, it just goes crazy without letting you know about...:)

UPDATE: well, the solution to this stuff is to comment javascript HTML comments .So eval() will not see HTML-comments:

<script> // <!--