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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Google isn't perfect...

I use Google's GMail on a daily basis and I like it. It's more than just a mail system, it knows almost all your "secrets", the way you look, and even more,- I trust Gmail, and I depend on it.

Have you ever imagined one day you'll not be able to login into GMail?!

I've experienced this today, and i'm really glad it's was just a technical issue.

So after starting my Firefox, I pressed GMail bookmark, hoping to see my new mail...But instead I got

It took me few minutes to reload page several times, but nothing changed...

After that I just folowed the link to help center to get the answers.

Why does my page get stuck on 'Loading'?

This usually happens when a setting in your browser, or in third-party software, conflicts with Gmail.

"Setting in a browser" I didn't change any settings, and I checked my GMail yesterday as well.

"Third party software"..., whait, I'm running Linux, what third party software can Linux have?!

But help center was eventually right: I got "third party software" sitting in the right bottom of my Firefox window

Once I disabled cool Tidy Firefox extension, I got back to my inbox.

I know Google isn't perfect in markup, but seems like now they want me not to know about.


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