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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Google isn't perfect...

I use Google's GMail on a daily basis and I like it. It's more than just a mail system, it knows almost all your "secrets", the way you look, and even more,- I trust Gmail, and I depend on it.

Have you ever imagined one day you'll not be able to login into GMail?!

I've experienced this today, and i'm really glad it's was just a technical issue.

So after starting my Firefox, I pressed GMail bookmark, hoping to see my new mail...But instead I got

It took me few minutes to reload page several times, but nothing changed...

After that I just folowed the link to help center to get the answers.

Why does my page get stuck on 'Loading'?

This usually happens when a setting in your browser, or in third-party software, conflicts with Gmail.

"Setting in a browser" I didn't change any settings, and I checked my GMail yesterday as well.

"Third party software"..., whait, I'm running Linux, what third party software can Linux have?!

But help center was eventually right: I got "third party software" sitting in the right bottom of my Firefox window

Once I disabled cool Tidy Firefox extension, I got back to my inbox.

I know Google isn't perfect in markup, but seems like now they want me not to know about.

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Pimp my Firefox bookmarks.

I love firefox, it became my daily used tool.
And I'm always happy to have my favorite tools improoved.

Most of my bookmarks are kept on as i need to have them accessible from different places but there are few primary ones it's good to have quick access to.
Yeah, and that's where bookmarks toolbar folder comes into play.

But wait, that means less viewport area for surfing, and just too much space wasted:P ...Maybe that's not so critical for large screens but anyway, IMHO, here's the better place for your bookmarks:

Steps to make this possible:

  1. Make sure bookmarks toolbar folder visible: right click Home icon, and leave "Bookmarks toolbar" checked.
  2. Right click "Home" icon again and choose "Customize" this time.
  3. Drag bookmarks toolbar folder right after the "Help" menu item.
  4. Hide unused toolbar: right click "Home" icon, uncheck "Bookmarks toolbar"

And yeah, your Firefox bookmarks have been pimped :)